How to Tie a Linen?

Answer Real linen is derived from the fibers of the flax plant. This loosely woven material allows air to pass through the fibers, providing coolness and comfort, especially in hot weather conditions. Thi... Read More »

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How to Buy Linen Dresses?

Linen...not only is it 'natural' it's renewable, too. When it's hot out, linen is really cool to wear and did you know it's the strongest natural fiber there is? So, quick...let's get 'into' some l... Read More »

How to Add Trim to Bed Linen?

Bed linen with trim is always captivating, and what's more, it's usually designer sets and priced accordingly. If you add trim to a sheet set on your own, you can save a lot of money and create som... Read More »

How to Get Rid Wrinkles in Linen?

Linen fabric is a durable, lightweight but wrinkle-prone natural material that's been in popular use for clothing and household items for hundreds of years. You may reduce the severity of linen wri... Read More »

How do I organize the linen closet?

Linens Used RegularlyStack your linens on a flat surface, according to those items you go through quickest, keeping like colors together. One stack would include bath towels, another hand towels an... Read More »