How to Tie a Holster Lanyard?

Answer A holster lanyard, also commonly referred to as a leg tie, is a common feature of many western and military style holsters. Traditionally made of a thin leather strip, the holster lanyard is used t... Read More »

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Will a USP 45 holster fit an HK 45?

Yes, it will. The technical name for an HK 45 is a Heckler & Koch 45 USP. Heckler & Koch is the only manufacturer that uses the initialism universal self-loading pistol (USP). If a holster is desc... Read More »

What is a BlackBerry holster?

A BlackBerry holster is a sheath or case that conforms to the shape of the BlackBerry. Often worn at the belt, the holster makes the BlackBerry easily accessible and also protects the hand-held ele... Read More »

What is a Serpa holster?

The Serpa holster was given U.S. patent #5,918,784 on July 6, 1999. It is a safe, quick-release handgun holster that uses a latch device on the trigger guard instead of the traditional thumb break... Read More »

California Gun Holster Law?

California state law has different handgun restrictions for handgun owners and those with concealed carry handgun license. As of July, 2010, any person can carry a handgun as long as it is not lo... Read More »