How to Throw a Power Curve?

Answer The ability to throw a power curve gives pitchers a valuable weapon for retiring batters. A powerful curveball produces sharp movement, as the ball quickly darts toward the bottom of the strike zon... Read More »

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How to Throw a Cut Curve?

Wanna throw a pitch that messes the hitter up so bad. Then read the rest of this article.

How to Throw a Gyro Curve?

A baseball.The gyro curve is an alternative pitch for the gyro ball. The gyro curve is unhitable if thrown right.

How to Throw a Dive Curve?

Here's how you throw some great pitches, here is how you throw a dive-curveball.

How to Throw a Spike Curve?

The spike curve is a variation of the Knucklecurve that breaks very hard and very late. It is a fast pitch maybe 5 mph slower than your fastball and is difficult for a hitter to pick up because of ... Read More »