How to Throw a Fast Fastball?

Answer Baseball pitchers strive to overwhelm batters with the movement, location and velocity of their pitches. The primary pitch for getting batters out is the fastball. A fastball is a pitch that is rel... Read More »

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How to Throw a Cut Fastball?

BaseballThe cut fastball, or Cutter is a variation of the four-Seam Fastball. When thrown from a right-handed pitcher, it moves from right to left, like a curveball, but with later, less severe break.

How to Throw a 6 Seam Fastball?

A six-seam fastball is a mix between a two-seam and a four-seam fastball. It will curve a little, but not much.

How to Throw a 2 Seam Fastball?

This pitch is a good one if you're looking for groundouts. It may even get you a strikeout the odd time.

How to Throw a 4 Seam Fastball?

The 4 seam fastball is one of the best pitches in baseball when mastered. Get this pitch down and rack up the K's.