How to Thread Rope for a Canopy Pulley System?

Answer Truck canopies are heavy and unwieldy to lift and place on the truck bed. Using a mechanical advantage pulley system to lift and plant the canopy onto the truck can greatly simplify the process. Ma... Read More »

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Who invented the pulley system?

The pulley system was invented by Archimedes, an ancient astronomer, inventor and mathematician who was born in 287 BC in Syracuse, Sicily. Archimedes also discovered the laws of levers and develop... Read More »

Definition of a Pulley System?

A pulley system uses ropes and wheels to redirect the application of force and/or to gain mechanical advantage. It is one of the simple machines described by Archimedes in the 3rd century BC, and o... Read More »

Instructions for a Pulley System?

A "block and tackle" is system of pulleys for making lifting and pulling easier. A pulley system is made up of two or more pulleys connected together with rope in such a way as to provide mechanica... Read More »

When did Archimedes invent the lever& pulley system?

In the 3rd century B.C. Archimedes invented the pulley system and discovered principles that underlie the operation of the lever. According to Plutarch, the invention took place long before 213 BC.... Read More »