How to Thin Acrylic Paint for Polymer Clay?

Answer You can thin water-based acrylic paint to use on polymer clay with either water or acrylic medium. Both of these will make the paint go further and the color appear more translucent and enable you ... Read More »

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How to Thin Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is a type of paint commonly used by artists, and in most cases, is a water soluble product. Thinning acrylic paint is done at times to achieve a different consistency and color. Many ... Read More »

Can I paint acrylic on clay or rubber?

Acrylic paints can be used to paint pre-fired clay, also known as bisqueware. However, acrylics won't stick to rubber permanently, so it is not advisable to paint rubber with acrylics. Rubber shoul... Read More »

How to Soften Polymer Clay?

Sculpey ClayPolymer clay can become difficult to work with when it isn't fresh. It becomes hard, and isn't easy to work with. Read below for tips on how to soften polymer clay.

Other Ways to Dry Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a vinyl-based home crafter's clay designed to be cured to hardness using a conventional oven. There are times, however, when a bulky home oven isn't available, or when you might wan... Read More »