How to Thicken Up Thighs?

Answer The thigh muscles are some of the most powerful muscles on the body and capable of growing much stronger and larger than other muscles. With today's sedentary lifestyle, however, people's thigh mus... Read More »

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I have skinny thighs so how do I get thick thighs (picture included)?

Do lots of Squats and lunges and yea it will make you lose weight so you just got to eat more.

How Can I Thicken Up My Dreads?

Dreadlocks originated in East Africa and consist of coils of hair that have been matted. Hair that has not been brushed or combed will eventually tangle and twist, resulting in dreadlocks. Typicall... Read More »

How to Thicken Soup?

When you want to thicken a soup, there are many possible choices. It depends both on what you want from the soup and what flavours you'd like to come across. This article provides a number of good ... Read More »

How to Thicken Paint?

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