How to Tether the Internet to an iPhone?

Answer The iPhone is an extremely versatile device. The cell phone made by Apple allows users to talk on the phone, surf the Web and play games and movies. In addition, the phone also allows users to use ... Read More »

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When you tether your iphone 4 with mywi and use internet on your computer will it use up the data usage for your iphone 4?

Seeing as how the iPhone 4 requires a micro-SIM you will have to either get a new micro-SIM from Vodafone; cut your SIM down to a micro-SIM; or purchase a dual SIM adapter that will allow you to us... Read More »

How to Tether Internet to an HTC Evo?

The HTC EVO entertains you with movies and games on its 4.3-inch screen, and it helps you work with fast Internet browsing on a 4G network. Tethering an HTC EVO lets you connect to your 4G network ... Read More »

How to Tether a Droid to a Laptop for Internet?

The base version of the Android operating system allows you to tether through Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. Unfortunately for Motorola Droid users, Verizon Wireless has disabled the tethering features i... Read More »

How to Tether Cellphone Internet to a Laptop?

Cellphone technology has evolved to the point where users are able to connect wirelessly to the Internet at any time they need to be online. It is now possible to tether a Bluetooth-enabled cellpho... Read More »