How to Tether on the EVO?

Answer HTC's EVO Shift 4G is one of the many Android phones available on the Sprint network, and since it ships with the Android 2.2 operating system, it comes ready to go with plenty of useful features. ... Read More »

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Will AT&T know if I Tether?

they do monitor data consumption on "unknown mobiles".... just monitor your data usage while tethering........... start worrying if you go near or over 5GB

How to Use an EVO With a Mac OS X as a Tether?

If you own an HTC EVO, install a tethering application to turn your Android phone into a 4G or Wi-Fi adapter for your Mac. This allows you to browse the Web on your Mac with the Internet connection... Read More »

How to Tether a G1 Phone?

The Android G1 mobile device has capabilities beyond the realm of making and receiving calls, such as ability to surf the Internet using built-in 3G technology. While you can stream video and downl... Read More »

How to Tether on an Asus?

An Asus laptop is tethered to a cellphone in one of two ways: through a USB port or by activating the wireless tether feature. Tethering is available on most smartphones, and if you have Android 2.... Read More »