How to Tether on an Asus?

Answer An Asus laptop is tethered to a cellphone in one of two ways: through a USB port or by activating the wireless tether feature. Tethering is available on most smartphones, and if you have Android 2.... Read More »

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How to Tether an ASUS Eee to Windows Mobile?

The ASUS EEE, a Windows-based laptop computer, comes with Bluetooth functions that allow you to connect to wireless devices, including mobile phones. If you have a Windows mobile phone (a cell phon... Read More »

What's Better Asus EEE PC 900 LInux or Asus EEE PC 900 Wndows?

I would suggest getting the windows xp version. My brother got a windows xp eee pc 900 and got rid of all his other computers, a 15.4 notebook and a desktop. He is able to do ALL his work on this O... Read More »

How to Install an Asus Silent Knight on an Asus M2N-E SLI Motherboard?

The Asus Silent Night is an aftermarket CPU cooler for gamers, overclockers and hardware enthusiasts. Installing a CPU cooler is probably the trickiest part of a custom computer build, and it's not... Read More »


I would say yes it is. Here is the support site you could do a little more checking there.…