How to Tether a G1 Phone?

Answer The Android G1 mobile device has capabilities beyond the realm of making and receiving calls, such as ability to surf the Internet using built-in 3G technology. While you can stream video and downl... Read More »

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Is it free to USB tether with ATT ie connecting phone to computer with USB cable then selecting Share phone's mobile network with PC?

It work but if you want to jailbreak use something by geohot or chronic dev team they are much better the newest jailbreaks out now are for 4.1 and are limera1n by geohot and greenpois0n by the chr... Read More »

How to Tether a PDA to a Cell Phone?

A very handy way to connect your PDA to the Internet involves a process called tethering, whereby your cell phone connects to your PDA to serve as a modem. This is especially useful in places with ... Read More »

How to Create a Tether From Your Phone to Your Mac?

Tethering is a method of connecting your cellphone to your computer so that you can use the Internet. Although it will be a lot slower than your home broadband connection it is enough to do a bit o... Read More »

How to Tether a Boost Phone?

A Boost mobile phone can also be used as a modem for a laptop or desktop computer. Tethering is the process of configuring a mobile phone so it can be used as a modem to connect to the Internet. To... Read More »