How to Tether Your HTC 4G on Sprint?

Answer HTC offers phones on numerous networks in the US, and as of May 2011, the company five phones available for the Sprint network. Of those, the EVO 4G and the EVO Shift 4G are compatible with Sprint... Read More »

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How to Tether a Sprint HTC to a Computer?

Sprint HTC phones use the Android or Windows Mobile OS. Either operating system will work as a tether for Internet on your computer. Tethering your phone to your computer turns your HTC smartphone ... Read More »

How to Tether My Sprint Cell Phone?

While most cell phones have mobile broadband that provides Internet access, several cell phones and smart phones can now be used for tethering, also referred to as phone-as-modem. By hooking up you... Read More »

I just rooted an at&t galaxy s3. I have sprint. If i walk into sprint will they change my service to my galaxy?

Yes they will have a problem. They will tell you that they cannot activate your S3 to their network. Why is that? Sprint uses CDMA cellular network. AT&T uses GSM cellular network. The two are... Read More »

If I switch my sprint number to another sprint phone how much will it cost me to transfer my number to another?

Just take your sim card out of the old phone and put it in the new