How to Tether My Sprint Cell Phone?

Answer While most cell phones have mobile broadband that provides Internet access, several cell phones and smart phones can now be used for tethering, also referred to as phone-as-modem. By hooking up you... Read More »

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How to Tether a PDA to a Cell Phone?

A very handy way to connect your PDA to the Internet involves a process called tethering, whereby your cell phone connects to your PDA to serve as a modem. This is especially useful in places with ... Read More »

How to Tether the Palm Centro Cell Phone?

In addition to providing users with an "always on" mobile browsing experience, the Palm Centro can also be connected (or "tethered") to a laptop computer and used as a portable modem. Although ther... Read More »

How Can I Tether My Verizon Cell Phone for the Internet?

Internet tethering, or using your cell phone to access the Internet for a computer or laptop, is available on many Verizon Wireless handsets. This feature gives you access to the Internet in situat... Read More »

What is the thinnest Sprint cell phone?

The thinnest phone available from Sprint, as of March 2010, is the Palm Pixi at .4 inches in thickness. The Pixi's features include 3G speeds, web and television capabilities, camera, email, music ... Read More »