How to Test to Determine Why a Computer Is Operating Slowly?

Answer Computers are great pieces of technology useful for many things. When a machine runs slowly, however, it can be very frustrating. A few simple procedures can help determine why the computer is runn... Read More »

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I am having a problem with my computer responds slowly?

just reformat your pc and job doneor Here is some steps to speed up your computer.1. delete all temp files from your computer (search--*.tmp--all drive-- delete) or manually from windows temp folde... Read More »

How do you determine the operating costs for an above ground gas pool heater?

AnswerYour gas pool heater should have a BTU/hr rating for input and output printed on a placard somewhere on the heater. Look for the input rating and divide by 100,000 to get Therms/hr. Assuming ... Read More »

Why does my computer run very slowly?

You may have slow computer for following reasons...You don't have enough system memory.Your computer is infected by spyware and virus.The hard drive is failing.You have too many program running at ... Read More »

My computer chair keeps going down slowly....?

This is an easy fix. Somehow the hydraulic gas cylinder where it connects to the bottom of the chair is staying pushed in. All you have to do is seperate the cylinder from the chair and you will se... Read More »