How to Test the LAN Speed Between PCs & Servers?

Answer You can test the local area network speed between your PC and a server by viewing the currently connected speed of the adapter creating the connection. You can accomplish this in Windows operating ... Read More »

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Does hard drive access speed affect a servers performance?

Sure it does. You can't serve the data to the clients until you get it off the drive.

How to Test USB Speed?

If you want to check the speed of your USB ports, you will have to connect a USB device such as a jump drive or external hard drive. After a device is connected, you can use the freeware program US... Read More »

How to Test Web Browser Speed?

Each web browser on the market has its own set of features and flaws. If you've ever wondered where your web browser stacks up against others in terms of speed and compatibility, you can use severa... Read More »

What happens if i speed on my driving test?

Safe driving has nothing to do with it Dr David.You committed a moving traffic offence, it's a Straight failure. Where did you get the 3 warnings notion from?