How to Test the LAN Speed Between PCs & Servers?

Answer You can test the local area network speed between your PC and a server by viewing the currently connected speed of the adapter creating the connection. You can accomplish this in Windows operating ... Read More »

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Does hard drive access speed affect a servers performance?

Sure it does. You can't serve the data to the clients until you get it off the drive.

Differences Between Gmod Dedicated & Shared Servers?

Game servers share much with servers in a restaurant. In a restaurant, you'd much rather have a person who is committed to one job, rather than trying to serve and cook as well. Similarly, Garry's ... Read More »

What is the difference between a one speed and a two speed dog hair clipper?

Two speed dog clippers can clip a dog's coat much faster and smoother than a one speed clipper, due to the higher strokes per minute. Two speed clippers also stay cooler while clipping dogs.Source... Read More »

What is the difference between connection speed and internet speed?

Mbps is megabits per secondMBps is megabytes per secondConnection speed is the speed packets actually travel. 100 Mbps for example. Internet speed is the speed data actually arrives. In my case,... Read More »