How to Test the Ignition Coil on a 12-Volt Geo Metro?

Answer The Geo Metro, like most other passenger cars, uses a 12-volt power system to supply the car's electrical needs. Unfortunately, the car's spark plugs require much higher voltage to create the spark... Read More »

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How to Test a 12 Volt Delco Coil?

Gasoline-powered vehicles manufactured by General Motors up until the late 1990s rely upon an ignition coil. Consisting of primary and secondary coils, this component induces the high voltage nece... Read More »

How to Test 12 Volt Ignition Coils?

An automobile ignition coil acts as a transformer, having a primary and secondary bundle of wires that create and send an electrical charge to the spark plugs, causing them to fire. While ignition ... Read More »

How to Test an Ignition Coil?

While there are several ways to test your vehicle's ignition coil, by far the easiest is the simple arc test, which can be done with only two tools and a pair of gloves. Another way is through the ... Read More »

How to Test a GM Ignition Coil?

Testing or checking an ignition coil can tell you a lot about the health of your ignition system. Since the coil is the center of the system, it has to be working right or the car will not run righ... Read More »