How to Test the EGR for a 1995 GMC Sierra 5.0 Truck?

Answer The 1995 Sierra is a full-sized pickup truck designed and manufactured by General Motors. The 1995 Sierra came equipped with a V-8, 5.0-liter engine, and an automatic, four-speed transmission. The ... Read More »

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How Do I Remove a Dashboard in a 1995 GMC Sierra?

The way you remove the 1995 GMC Sierra pickup truck's dashboard is simple. The Sierra's dashboard is held in place by several clips on the dashboard itself, rather than secured with bolts or screws... Read More »

How to Replace a 1995 GMC Sierra Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump in your 1995 GMC Sierra pickup transports the fuel from the gas tank to the fuel injection system. It's located inside of the gas tank, and it uses the fuel to cool itself down. ... Read More »

How to Install a Heater Core in a 1995 GMC Sierra 1500K?

The heater core in your 1995 GMC Sierra 1500K is a device used to heat the passenger compartment. If you wish to install a new heater core in your Sierra, you will have to remove the old one first.... Read More »

How to Recharge Freon in a GMC Sierra Truck?

Pressurized freon gas is the component that keeps the air conditioner in your GMC Sierra cool. The gas is turned into liquid by a compressor then passed through an expansion valve where air, cooled... Read More »