How to Test the Alternator Field Current?

Answer Alternators produce electricity while your engine is running in order to charge your battery and the electrical equipment in your car. Modern alternators are capable of producing substantial curren... Read More »

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How do I field test a 10 SI alternator?

In-the-field testing of the Delco Remy 10-SI alternator is possible by using its three terminals, a voltmeter and small screwdriver. The alternator terminals used are labeled No. 1, No. 2 and BAT.C... Read More »

How to Test the Current Output on an Alternator?

The alternator in your vehicle charges your battery as you drive. This helps to maintain a 12.0 volt or higher charge on your battery system. If your battery drops below 12 volts, the vehicle could... Read More »

Is a 12v battery current the same as a 12v alternator current?

The electrical current produced by a 12v battery and that produced by an alternator are the same type of current. They are both direct current, or DC, rather than alternating current, or AC.Referen... Read More »

How to Field Wire an Alternator?

It's reasonable to assume that car, or car parts manufacturers, come up with terminology to dissuade you from doing your own repairs on your car. The terms used for wiring alternators are a case in... Read More »