How to Test an SLA Battery?

Answer The sealed lead acid battery (SLA) is an evolution of the lead acid battery, which is the oldest form of rechargeable battery technology. The sealed version of this battery was designed to eliminat... Read More »

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How to Test an ATV Battery?

Today's ATVs are larger, more powerful, and come with more options than ever before. All of this is great for the ATV enthusiast, but it places a significant load on both the battery and the chargi... Read More »

How to Test an RC Battery?

RC batteries, also called NiCds, are batteries used for RC vehicles, such as remote control planes, helicopters and cars. Testing the batteries regularly not only determines the amount of power lef... Read More »

How Can I Test My 9V Battery?

Small electrical devices in the home such as smoke detectors, radios and remote controls often use 9-volt batteries. Like any battery, a 9-volt battery's ability to power a device will diminish ov... Read More »

How to Test 12V Car Battery?

Testing your car battery is essential part of an overall maintenance plan that will extend your battery's usable life. The first step is to visually inspect the outside of your battery for bulges, ... Read More »