How to Test an RV Air Conditioner Capacitor?

Answer RV air conditioners have two capacitors: a motor run capacitor and a motor start capacitor. A motor run capacitor is used in the blower fan circuit while the motor start capacitor is used in the co... Read More »

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How to Test a Capacitor Value?

Capacitors are used in many different applications ranging from car audio installations to disposable cameras. Capacitors function by slowly filling with electric charge then releasing the charge w... Read More »

How to Test an AC Capacitor?

To determine whether or not a capacitor is functioning properly, a test is necessary. Following a few simple steps will tell you whether or not a particular capacitor is performing at its rated lev... Read More »

How to Test a Farad Capacitor?

Capacitors are designed to store an electric charge for use in a circuit where a load occasionally demands more power than is steadily put out. Capacitors are categorized by their capacitance level... Read More »

How do I test a high-voltage capacitor?

DischargingDischarge the capacitor by taking two insulated screwdrivers and attaching one to one of the capacitor terminals and the second to the other terminal, and then sliding the screwdrivers ... Read More »