How to Test an Oil Pump?

Answer Oil is critical to the good functioning of every automobile. It lubricates the engine's moving parts so that they do not grind against one another, and the oil absorbs excess heat. You must take ... Read More »

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How to Test a Fuel Pump?

In the lifetime of owning a vehicle it is very possible that you may at some point need to test your fuel pump to ensure that it is working properly. A fuel pump is essential for a car to run prope... Read More »

How to Test a Snowmobile Oil Pump?

A properly functioning oil pump is critical to keeping the engine adequately lubricated, especially with snowmobile engines that operate at high RPM. A low oil pressure gauge reading or an oil "war... Read More »

How to Test an S10 Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump on a Chevrolet S10 pickup is responsible for drawing fuel from the gas tank at the rear of the vehicle and supplying it to the engine. If you suspect the fuel pump on your S10 is malf... Read More »

How to Test a Submersible Pump?

Submersible pumps are used in many different applications. Automobiles use a type of submersible pump to supply fuel to the fuel system. Some homes use a submersible pump to supply water to their h... Read More »