How to Test an Oil Pressure Sensor?

Answer The oil pressure sensor, often referred to as the oil pressure sender, is a unit responsible for telling a vehicle's computer the oil pressure. It controls the gauge on a vehicle, which lights up a... Read More »

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How to Test an AC Pressure Sensor?

Air conditioning pressure sensors, also known as AC switches, turn off a car's air conditioning system whenever the refrigerant pressure reaches a lower extreme. This not only signals the need for ... Read More »

How to Test a Pressure Sensor?

There are at least four different pressure sensors on modern automobiles, including those that measure the air intake pressure, atmospheric pressure and vapor pressure in your fuel tank. Modern veh... Read More »

How to Test the Oil Pressure Sensor on a Chevy 4.3L Engine?

The oil pressure sensor on a Chevrolet 4.3L V6 engine is part of a network of sensors that provides the powertrain control module (PCM) with information about the engine. This sensor measures the p... Read More »

How to Test a Manifold's Absolute Pressure Map Sensor?

The manifold absolute pressure sensor, or MAP sensor, is generally used in place of the mass airflow sensor in an automobile. It preceded the mass airflow sensor and was much less efficient. The MA... Read More »