How to Test an Electronic Relay?

Answer An electronic relay is a switch that is operated electrically by an electromagnet. Electronic relays control power circuits with low-power signals such as high-voltage circuits with low voltage sig... Read More »

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What is the purpose of the electronic relay switch?

Switches are used in circuits to interrupt or to manipulate current flow. An electronic relay is a switch that is electrically controlled. It is actuated by an electromagnet, which is a magnet that... Read More »

Electronic Vs. Mechanical Flasher Relay?

Your car's turn signals and emergency flashers operate by a timer that in turn operates a flasher relay. Electronic or solid state flasher relays have several advantages and few disadvantages over ... Read More »

How Do You Test a 12V Relay?

A 12 volt relay is an important component in the electrical system of modern cars and trucks. Relays switch the power to high current drawing devices to minimize the distance that large gauge wires... Read More »

How to Test a Car Relay?

A car relay is a particular kind of remote-control switch. It is magnetically operated and is used to control electrical circuits from a distant point. It controls electrical components like fuel p... Read More »