How to Test an Electronic Ignition?

Answer Electronic ignitions, such as those used on a motorcycle and snowmobile, start the engine with the press of a button on the dash. However, these recreational vehicles may also have a pull start tha... Read More »

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How do I Test an Electronic Ignition Coil?

Your vehicle's spark plugs are ignited via a magnetic current that is generated by the ignition coil pack. The ignition coil pack usually consists of two cylinders of copper wire, which discharge a... Read More »

How to Test an Electronic Ignition Control Module?

An ignition control module takes the signal from the pick-up coil or hall-effect sensor and triggers the coil based on that signal. Some modules also trigger injectors and control timing as well.

Electronic Ignition Advantages?

The ignition system in an internal combustion engine ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders. An electronic ignition directs an electric current to each spark plug when it needs to fir... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Electronic Ignition?

An electronic ignition system is mainly known by pressing a button to start after turning the ignition switch rather than cranking. It is mostly used in motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles a... Read More »