How to Test an Amplifier Transistor?

Answer A transistor uses electric current to amplify and change the path of a signal. You commonly find these pieces on the circuit boards of radios, computers and amplifiers among other electronic compon... Read More »

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Any one ,can explain to me the transistor work as amplifier and as switch what happen >?

OK - consider the transistor as a simple valve on a water pipe. A small amount of force on the valve handle can control a large amount of force in the water inside the valve. The small amount of si... Read More »

How to Test a Transistor?

A transistor is a semiconductor that allows current to flow through it under certain conditions, and cuts current off when other conditions are present. Transistors are commonly used as either a sw... Read More »

Why transistor is called transistor of resistor?

We can say a transistor contains diodes. But generally we cant say it contains resisters. Because they are too different in their structure. So as i heard it would newer called like that.

How to Tell a PNP Transistor From an NPN Transistor?

In bipolar junction transistors, the letters "P" and "N" refer to the type of semiconductor layers used for the transistor's base, collector and emitter. NPN and PNP transistors come in a variety o... Read More »