How to Test an Air Mass Meter?

Answer Air mass meters, more commonly known as mass air flow sensors or MAF sensors, are devices used in vehicle engines. They are used to determine and measure the amount of air that flows into a vehicle... Read More »

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How to Replace an Air Mass Meter?

The mass airflow sensor (MAF), also known as the air mass meter, is a component in your car's induction system that measures airflow into the motor. An MAF sensor uses a wire heated to near-red hot... Read More »

What is a mass air flow meter?

A mass air flow sensor, or MAF, measures how much air enters an automobile engine. This measurement enables the car to inject the optimum amount of fuel into the cylinders. If your MAF sensor does ... Read More »

What is the mass of a wooden meter stick?

While it's possible to determine the mass of a meter stick by balancing weights along the stick, the easiest way to determine mass is to place the item on a scale. Meter sticks are generally quite ... Read More »

How to Clean a Mass Air Flow Meter?

Your car's mass air flow meter is necessary to the proper functioning of your vehicle's computer system. A dirty mass air flow meter will prevent your car from knowing how much gas you need in your... Read More »