How to Test a Wheel Hub?

Answer A faulty wheel hub can be dangerous, potentially causing your wheel to separate from the vehicle. Wheel hubs are the part of a vehicle that the wheels are mounted on and they are designed to preve... Read More »

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How to Test a Four-wheel Drive?

A four-wheel drive vehicle can get you safely where you need to go though rain, mud or snow. Before testing the four-wheel drive, check as you would on any vehicle that the brakes are working, the ... Read More »

How to Test Wheel Bearings?

Modern cars have sealed, zero-maintenance wheel bearing units. They are usually non-serviceable and contain the bearings, races, bearing grease and nuts. They are sealed against outside dirt, wate... Read More »

How to Test for Bad Wheel Bearings?

Fitted around the axle and attached to the wheel hub assembly, wheel bearings have two purposes: to support the weight of a vehicle and to allow the tires to spin smoothly. A bearing must be lubric... Read More »

I have a question about the behind the wheel test?

on every driving test, they ask you to parallel park.. it is required. dont worry, i have to take the test soon also :) good luck and happy driving!