How to Test a Starter Armature?

Answer Nothing can be more frustrating than sitting in your vehicle and turning the key only to hear an annoying click or a dragging starter. Many times, the battery gets blamed, when in reality the probl... Read More »

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How to Test Starter Motors?

When you get into your car, turn on the ignition key and all you hear is a clicking sound, the starter motor could be defective. However, for the starter motor to work, you need a starter solenoid.... Read More »

How to Test a Delco Starter?

Delco is a registered trademark of General Motors Corp. The Deco brand starter is used in multiple applications by General Motors. The Delco starters range in size and power, depending on the appli... Read More »

How to Test a Starter Solenoid?

A starter solenoid operates to transfer the large amount of power within the vehicle's battery to the vehicle's starter motor. Within the solenoid are two large metal contacts. When the ignition ke... Read More »

How to Test the Starter in a Scooter?

Your scooter's starter operates via two components: an electric motor that spins a shaft, and a solenoid (electrical switch) that engages the shaft against the flywheel of the engine. When your sco... Read More »