How to Test a Spectrometer?

Answer Scientists, engineers, and technicians use spectrometers to measure the energy makeup of light. Different light sources, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent office lights, and natural sunlight ... Read More »

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What is a spectrometer?

According to the New American Heritage dictionary, a spectrometer is "a spectroscope equipped with scales for measuring wavelengths, or indexes of refraction." Spectroscopes are more generalized in... Read More »

What is an X-ray spectrometer?

An X-ray spectrometer measures the amount of secondary X-rays that are emitted when subjected to a primary hard X-ray, according to The device works with most elements on the Peri... Read More »

How to Calibrate a Spectrometer?

A light spectrometer is a device that detects changes in the way light passes through a material. It is used mostly in the scientific laboratory in both college-level courses and professional indu... Read More »

What is a mass spectrometer used for?

A mass spectrometer is used to study charged atoms by changing the path they take while moving through a magnetic field. The charge-to-mass ratio can be determined for a given atom from data taken ... Read More »