How to Test a Slave Cylinder?

Answer Hydraulic clutches in today's vehicles operate via a master cylinder. The cylinder is easily visible in the engine compartment, bolted to the firewall on the left side just above the steering colum... Read More »

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A Master Cylinder Vs. a Slave Cylinder?

The master and slave cylinder relationship is about what you'd expect from the names; a master tells the slave to push or pull out, and the slave does what it's told. All hydraulic systems work on ... Read More »

How to Bleed a Slave Cylinder?

The slave cylinder is part of the hydraulic clutch system in vehicles with manual transmissions. When the master cylinder or the slave cylinder starts leaking fluid, it must be replaced along with ... Read More »

The Function of a Slave Cylinder?

All manual transmissions come fitted with a clutch, which is a disc covered in a friction-resistant material. This disc contacts the metal flywheel on the rear of the engine and transfers the rotat... Read More »

How to Bleed the Slave Cylinder?

You may notice that your brakes feel vague or spongy after you replace the master or slave cylinder, or if you let the master reservoir run too low on brake fluid. This likely means that air has en... Read More »