How to Test a PTO Clutch?

Answer The power takeoff clutch, or PTO, on a small engine uses electricity to engage a clutch to the main engine crankshaft. PTO clutches transfer rotational torque and power, typically used on small tra... Read More »

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How to Test a Fan Clutch?

A faulty fan clutch on your vehicle can cause several problems. It can make the engine overheat or run bellow operating temperature if the clutch fails to engage the fan or fails to release it. If ... Read More »

How to Test an AC Clutch Coil?

The A/C compressor is the heart of the system, and without a good compressor, the unit will not function. The compressor is engaged by the compressor clutch, made up of a powerful electromagnet and... Read More »

How to Test a Fan Clutch on a Chevrolet?

A fan clutch is the assembly that your engine cooling fan rides on and that tells the fan when to turn on and off. A central core, which locks and unlocks based on the temperature, allows the fan t... Read More »

How to Test My Thermal Fan Clutch?

A fan clutch that is not working can cause many different problems. The engine can overheat or even run below the proper temperature. It is clutch is not working, it can cause shaking or noise and ... Read More »