How to Test a PCV Valve?

Answer There are a variety of components in the emission control system of modern automobiles, one of which is the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. This is a one-way valve which helps remove ga... Read More »

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How to Test EGR Valve?

An EGR valve helps to reduce pollution and make your vehicle run more efficiently by recirculating the air from the exhaust back into the engine. When an EGR valve is malfunctioning, you will know,... Read More »

How do i test a pcv valve?

The PCV valve is a very important part of modern car engines. It works with both the exhaust system and the fuel injection system to make cars run more efficiently. The PCV, or positive crankcase v... Read More »

How to Test an IAC Valve on a 305?

The 305 is an engine designed and manufactured by General Motors that's in Chevrolet models. The engine is equipped with an idle air control valve. The IAC valve controls the amount of air that pas... Read More »

How to Test Valve Springs?

When rebuilding your engine or cylinder head, you will need to test valve springs to verify they are still within manufacturer specifications. Valve springs are part of the camshaft assembly and al... Read More »