How to Test a Map Sensor?

Answer The manifold absolute pressure sensor, or MAP sensor, monitors the amount of air flowing through the air intake system. When this sensor is malfunctioning or failing, you will experience excessive ... Read More »

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How to Test an O2 Sensor?

On a gasoline engine, an oxygen sensor is used to ensure that the proper air fuel ratio is reaching the engine. Some automobile manufacturers recommend that oxygen sensors should be replaced once e... Read More »

How to Test an O2 Sensor Pre-OBD?

An oxygen sensor installed on a pre-OBD vehicle must be manually tested with a multimeter. Pre-OBD vehicles are older models that are not equipped with engine computer codes, so you do not receive ... Read More »

How to Test a MAF Sensor?

A MAF sensor is a mass air flow sensor. This sensor converts air going into the engine into a voltage signal. In order to determine how much fuel needs to be injected into the cylinder, the on-boar... Read More »

How to Test an ABS Speed Sensor?

The primary function of sensors in automobiles is to keep the on-board computer (OBC) or electronic control module (ECM) informed of what is going on with the automobile at any given moment. The a... Read More »