How to Test a Horn Relay?

Answer One reason a vehicle's horn may not work is a failed horn relay. Testing a vehicle's horn relay is the place to begin when troubleshooting a horn that fails to honk. You can sometimes test a horn r... Read More »

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How to Test a GM Horn Relay for a Short?

If the horn doesn't blow on your GM vehicle and you've checked the fuse and the wiring, perhaps the horn relay isn't working. Finding it may be a problem, depending on your vehicle. The location ma... Read More »

How to Test a GM Horn Relay for a Short Circuit?

A short circuit, meaning an unwanted connection caused by component failure, can occur in your GM vehicle horn relay causing a malfunction. A short in the coil winding causes it to not operate and ... Read More »

What Is a Horn Relay?

When you press the horn button on your car or truck, you operate a relay that makes contacts to connect the horn to voltage from battery. Low current through the button controls higher current thro... Read More »

What Does an Electric Horn Relay Do?

An automotive horn is an important safety component used to alert drivers and pedestrians. The horn system in most vehicles is comprised of three primary parts: the horn, the switch and the horn re... Read More »