How to Test a GM Horn Relay for a Short Circuit?

Answer A short circuit, meaning an unwanted connection caused by component failure, can occur in your GM vehicle horn relay causing a malfunction. A short in the coil winding causes it to not operate and ... Read More »

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How to Test a GM Horn Relay for a Short?

If the horn doesn't blow on your GM vehicle and you've checked the fuse and the wiring, perhaps the horn relay isn't working. Finding it may be a problem, depending on your vehicle. The location ma... Read More »

How to Test a Horn Relay?

One reason a vehicle's horn may not work is a failed horn relay. Testing a vehicle's horn relay is the place to begin when troubleshooting a horn that fails to honk. You can sometimes test a horn r... Read More »

What Is a Horn Relay?

When you press the horn button on your car or truck, you operate a relay that makes contacts to connect the horn to voltage from battery. Low current through the button controls higher current thro... Read More »

How do I wire a car horn relay?

ProcedureLocate the non-battery wire of the ignition switch. Make a connection from the ignition switch wire through the horn relay box and attach it to the horn button or switch. Run a hot wire f... Read More »