How to Test a Fuel Pump Relay on a 94 Ford Ranger?

Answer A broken fuel pump relay causes a malfunctioning pump, starving the engine of fuel. The engine may stutter, stall or not start at all. Luckily, you can test the fuel pump relay in a 1994 Ford Range... Read More »

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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1987 2.9 Ford Ranger?

There are two fuel pump relays on a 1987 Ford Ranger. One is mounted to the firewall underneath the hood on the driver's side near the rear side of the shock tower. The other is mounted to the inne... Read More »

Where Is the Fuel Pump Relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9L Truck Located?

The 1987 Ranger's fuel pump relay powers up the fuel line during the vehicle ignition process. If and when the relay cannot send a required amount of voltage to the Ford's fuel pump, you must repla... Read More »

How to Test a Fuel Pump Relay?

A fuel pump relay is like any other relay in terms of function. A relay uses a fairly low-power electrical signal to close a circuit that sends power to high-amperage devices like the starter, ele... Read More »

How to Test a GM Fuel Pump Relay?

Your GM car or truck has a relay to turn the fuel pump on and off. The fuel pump pulls gasoline out of the tank and sends it to the engine. If the relay fails, the pump won't come on and the engine... Read More »