How to Test a Fuel Pump Check Valve?

Answer Fuel-injected vehicles rely on a high-pressure fuel system to deliver the proper amount of gasoline to the injectors. The high pressure is provided by an electric fuel pump that operates as long as... Read More »

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Bad Fuel Pump Check Valve Symptoms?

A fuel pump check valve is a component of a mechanical fuel pump, which is found on many vehicles that were manufactured before electronic injection. A mechanical fuel pump has a two-port check val... Read More »

Fuel Pump Check Valve Symptoms in a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse fuel pump utilizes two check valves to control fuel pressure and correct fuel flow through the gas lines. Different recalls on the Eclipse affect the operation fuel pump chec... Read More »

Your plumber replaced your defective effluent pump without installing a check valve There is a lot of effluent coming back into the pump pit. Should you ask him to install a check valve or not?

How to Check the Fuel Lines and Fuel Pump in a Pontiac Grand Prix?

Two things make an internal combustion engine function: fuel and fire. If the engine in a Grand Prix isn't working the way it should, then it's because there's a restriction on one or the other. If... Read More »