How to Test a Delco Starter?

Answer Delco is a registered trademark of General Motors Corp. The Deco brand starter is used in multiple applications by General Motors. The Delco starters range in size and power, depending on the appli... Read More »

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How to Test a Delco 12V Generator?

Testing a Delco 12-volt generator, also known as a starter motor, can be done as part of an automobile troubleshooting procedure. You most likely have a defective starter motor if you notice the fo... Read More »

How To Test a Delco Alternator?

Testing the alternator output on your car can tell you whether you have a bad alternator or if the battery in your car is no longer able to hold a charge. Delco-brand alternators are tested the sam... Read More »

How to Test a Delco 10Si Alternator?

The Delco 10Si alternator was made by Delco from early 1970 but has since been superseded, although you can still obtain refurbished models. Four different versions can be fitted to cars, depending... Read More »

How to Test a 12 Volt Delco Coil?

Gasoline-powered vehicles manufactured by General Motors up until the late 1990s rely upon an ignition coil. Consisting of primary and secondary coils, this component induces the high voltage nece... Read More »