How to Test a Coil Pack With a Multimeter?

Answer The best way to test your outboard's coil pack is with a digital multimeter. The basic idea is to first test the continuity of the circuit between the coil and the engine control module. Then you t... Read More »

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How do I Test a GM Coil Pack?

The coil pack is an indispensable part of your General Motors vehicle. It controls the ignition spark that is sent to each of your vehicle's cylinders to get them pumping and get your vehicle movin... Read More »

How to Test a Jeep Coil Pack?

Some vehicle ignition systems use coil packs to convert the power from the 12-volt battery in your car to the necessary 35,000 volts required to fire spark plugs instead of a distributor and rotor ... Read More »

How to Test a Faulty Coil Pack?

In the past, most vehicles relied on an ignition system that featured a distributor mounted in front of or behind the engine. Today's modern vehicles come with distributorless ignition systems, or... Read More »

How to Test a Coil Pack on a 2000 Sunfire?

General Motors introduced the Pontiac Sunfire in 1995. The 2000 Sunfire was equipped with either a 2.2-liter or a 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine. It was produced with an ignition that included... Read More »