How to Test a Car's Blower Motor?

Answer Your blowers are responsible for circulating warm or cold air into the passenger cabin. When there's a problem, it can make for uncomfortable rides, especially in extreme temperatures. Avoid proble... Read More »

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How to Test an A/C Blower Motor?

Your car's A/C blower motor controls how much hot or cold air flows into your car's interior. If the air is not circulating properly or if you can not hear the motor running at all, you may need to... Read More »

How to Test an Auto Fan Blower Motor?

Air is circulated throughout the passenger compartment of your vehicle by a simple electric fan motor. Usually located under the passenger side of the dash, this motor can fail from time to time. T... Read More »

How to Test a Blower Motor Control Module?

It is very frustrating to get in your car on a cold winter's morning, turn on the heater and hear no blower. Or turn on the air conditioner on a 90-degree day and hear no fan. There are several pos... Read More »

How to Test a Mercedes Benz Fan Blower Motor Regulator?

The Mercedes Benz fan blower motor regulator is a series of resisters in a printed circuit board about 2-inches square located right next to the blower motor. The Mercedes has a series of sensors t... Read More »