How to Test a Battery With a Hydrometer?

Answer A hydrometer is an instrument used to check the concentration of acid in a battery by measuring the density of the fluid. The higher the concentration of battery acid, the higher the specific gravi... Read More »

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How to Use a Battery Hydrometer?

Even maintenance free batteries need some attention every now and again. The balance of electrolytes and water in the cells of the battery will eventually become too low, and you will need to top o... Read More »

What is a battery hydrometer?

It can often be useful to test if a battery is charging correctly, or if one cell is defective. A battery hydrometer can help you figure out if your battery is charging improperly.BasicsA battery h... Read More »

How to Test for a Bad Car Battery?

When your car battery fails to perform, you may think about charging it. There is, however, a good chance that your battery needs to be replaced and not simply charged. Modern batteries rarely fail... Read More »

How to Test 12V Car Battery?

Testing your car battery is essential part of an overall maintenance plan that will extend your battery's usable life. The first step is to visually inspect the outside of your battery for bulges, ... Read More »