How to Test a 6-Volt Generator?

Answer Generators convert rotating mechanical energy into electrical energy. They were fitted to cars until the late sixties, when alternators began replacing them. Generators are powered by external forc... Read More »

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How to Test a 24-Volt Generator?

Generators are similar to alternators in that both produce electricity. Generators produce variable voltage, depending on the speed the armature inside the generator rotates. The faster the armatur... Read More »

How to Test a 12-Volt Generator System?

A 12-volt generator can be a portable unit for outdoor use to power low-voltage devices such as lighting, or may be fitted to your car to charge the battery and power the electrical equipment. What... Read More »

How to Test a 6 Volt Positive Ground Delco Generator?

Delco alternators have replaced most Delco generators, as they are generally maintenance-free and produce higher electrical output -- necessary for powering the electrical equipment in today's vehi... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 12-Volt Delco Generator?

The 12-Volt Delco Generator works as a power source for medium to large RVs. This RV generator often works like an engine and relates closely to engine parts such as the carburetor and spark plugs.... Read More »