How to Test a 12 Volt Electric Solenoid?

Answer When a solenoid no longer functions, the starter will not get any power to engage the flywheel and start the engine. In most cases there will be a clicking noise coming from inside of the solenoid ... Read More »

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How to Test Out a 12-Volt Solenoid?

On some cars, between the battery and the starter is a solenoid, essentially a large switch that when triggered by the ignition key, provides power between the battery and the starter. If this sole... Read More »

How can you run a US electric dryer that uses 240 volt 60 Hz single phase on a 240 volt 50Hz circuit in Asia?

Unfortunately, this is probably not practical. Though electric clothes dryers are made as wholly 240 volt 50Hz units - for use in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world - all the residential drye... Read More »

Are electric golf carts a 6 volt or a 12 volt system?

Yamaha and Club Car carts use six 8-volt batteries. EZ Go carts must have four 12-volt batteries. The batteries in an electric golf cart come in packs of either 36 volts or 48 volts. A 6-volt syste... Read More »

How Does a 12-Volt Solenoid Starter Work?

In early automotive history, engines were started by hand. A crank was inserted into the front of the engine and turned by hand to spin the engine. An engine backfire could cause the crank to rever... Read More »