How to Test Your Car Alternator for Power?

Answer When a car battery isn't providing enough power to start a car, people often assume that the battery is bad. Before buying an expensive new battery you may not need, check the alternator first... Read More »

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How Do I Test When an Alternator Is Bad?

Alternators can be tricky parts to diagnose when they fail, as it is commonly another part that will show symptoms. A quick test with an ammeter can tell definitively whether your alternator has fa... Read More »

How to Test a Cs-144 Alternator?

Delco Remy produce the CS144 alternator and is one of their high-output heavy duty range. You may have one of three versions of the CS144 alternator fitted in your vehicle: 140 ampere, 170 amperes ... Read More »

How to Test a Car's Alternator?

The alternator in your car provides power to charge the battery and run all of your power hungry accessories. If the alternator fails, it's a matter of hours, or even minutes, until your car stops ... Read More »

How much power can an alternator generate?

This can vary depending on the vehicle, but a car's alternator can generate 600 to 1.000 watts of power on average at approximately 70 to 100 amps. The weaker the battery is, the greater load the e... Read More »