How to Test Trailer Air Brakes for Leaks?

Answer Air brake systems for tractor-trailer combinations have parts to control the trailer brakes. If the system leaks at any point, the brakes could fail. As part of your pre-trip inspection, check that... Read More »

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How to Test Electric Trailer Brakes?

The heart of a trailer's electrical brake system is the controller, which feeds current into the system and through the electromagnets in the brakes. Once energized, these magnets attach to the bra... Read More »

How to Install Trailer Brakes on a Twin Axle Boat Trailer?

The brakes on a boat trailer are made up of electric brake pads, brake drums, return springs, retainer springs, retainer clips, retainers and the brake shoe adjuster. The brakes work by applying fr... Read More »

How to Test a Drysuit for Leaks?

A dry suit isn't really dry if it leaks. Dry suits provide a water-tight seal to divers, rafters, sea kayakers or others involved with water based activities. Testing a dry suit for leaks is possib... Read More »

How to Test for Exhaust Leaks?

A vehicle's exhaust system has a two-fold purpose -- it quiets engine noise while pushing toxic fumes away from the car's interior. Leaks in the exhaust system could allow the gases to waft into th... Read More »