How to Test Pressure in an Engine Block?

Answer Testing the pressure in the engine block is a way to identify if the engine cylinder or engine heads are leaking. Usually you want to test the pressure in an engine if you notice it is leaking engi... Read More »

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How to Locate the Oil Pressure Sensor Switch on a Cavalier Engine Block?

A vehicle's oil pressure is monitored by a sensor. Modern vehicles typically have plastic sensors housed on the side of the engine block. The oil pressure sensor also controls the fuel pump. A bad ... Read More »

How to Test Engine Block Compression?

When the gasoline explodes in a cylinder and moves the piston, worn rings or valves or a bad head gasket allows part of the energy of the explosion to escape, causing a loss of power and poor fuel ... Read More »

How to Pressure Test an Engine Coolant System?

Automotive coolant, also called antifreeze, cools the engine when it gets too hot and keeps the engine from freezing at sub-zero temperatures. The temperature of an engine is controlled by the ther... Read More »

How to Test the Oil Pressure Sensor on a Chevy 4.3L Engine?

The oil pressure sensor on a Chevrolet 4.3L V6 engine is part of a network of sensors that provides the powertrain control module (PCM) with information about the engine. This sensor measures the p... Read More »