How to Test Playback Speed?

Answer If you frequently watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any service, it's important your Internet connection be as fast and reliable as possible. Otherwise, you may experience delays and interruptions ... Read More »

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How to Speed Up the Playback of a Flash Video?

Flash video is a streaming video format that is typically used by Internet websites--the video file streams to your computer without ever downloading to your system. If, however, you are finding th... Read More »

How to Test USB Speed?

If you want to check the speed of your USB ports, you will have to connect a USB device such as a jump drive or external hard drive. After a device is connected, you can use the freeware program US... Read More »

How to Test the Speed of a Browser?

Although all Web browsers allow users to connect to and access content on the Internet, the programming of each browser results in slightly different performance. Computer users can use a number of... Read More »

How to Test Internet Speed?

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