How to Test If an Auto Thermostat Works?

Answer The vehicle cooling system includes a number of components that reduce or regulate the temperature of the engine. Besides the radiator, the water pump and the cooling fan, the thermostat functions ... Read More »

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How does a bimetallic strip works in a thermostat?

The switch contains a sandwich strip of 2 metals with two different coefficients of thermal expansion. The dial you would turn to control the temperature modifies the resistance of the circuit - th... Read More »

The Installation of an Auto Thermostat?

Automotive thermostats control the temperature of an engine by regulating the flow of coolant through the radiator. The thermostat resides inside the thermostat housing, sometimes referred to as a ... Read More »

How to Change an Auto Thermostat?

Thermostats are the valves in the coolant system of automobiles that control the flow of water/coolant throughout the engine. To ensure that the engine runs efficiently, the coolant is not allowed ... Read More »

DIY How to Install an Auto Thermostat?

Typically, automotive thermostats are located in one of two places on an engine. The first and most common place is on the intake manifold. Although the location might be hard to access, the thermo... Read More »