How to Test Hemoglobin?

Answer Hemoglobin is a protein, called heme, found in red blood cells. Heme binds to oxygen in the lungs, carries it throughout the body, gives freshly-oxygenated blood its red color, and carries carbon d... Read More »

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Hemoglobin A1c Test Results?

Why would a doctor give your mom your results and then she relays the information to you at work.I think you should go to your doctor and get clarification.Your numbers are normal, as the normal va... Read More »

What should i eat to increase my hemoglobin my age is 29. My hemoglobin count is just 8?

Should see your doctor to make sure you are healthy and if the problem is just due to a poor diet.My first thought was red meat and green vegetables. But problem can be more complicated: See link... Read More »

If your period is late and a urine test was negative would you have any pregnancy symptoms if you have low hemoglobin?

Answer Being anemic would make no difference to either pregnancy tests or pregnancy symptoms.

Low Hemoglobin help....?

I wonder why your sister's doctor has not done anything else to find the cause in order to treat her. I think you need to take your sister to another doctor, a walk in clinic or an out-patient ser... Read More »