How to Test Engine Oil?

Answer The oil in your vehicle's engine lubricates all the many pieces of the engine, helping your car run smoothly and efficiently. Consumer Reports recommends testing your vehicle's oil at every other g... Read More »

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How to Test an IC Engine?

When testing an IC -- or internal combustion -- engine, you can determine many values including its mechanical efficiency. To do this, you need to calculate the engine's brake power and its indicat... Read More »

How to Test Engine Sensors?

Car engines are being controlled more and more by electronics. The mechanical governor of the past has been replaced by the electronic control module and sensors. These components work together to ... Read More »

How to Test an Engine Coil?

Automotive ignition coils function as miniature transformers that increase 12 volts to several thousand for the purpose of igniting the spark plugs. Without an ignition coil, the spark inside the c... Read More »

How to Test Engine Coolant?

The coolant in your engine provides two different types of protection to the engine. Its first job is to absorb heat generated in the engine by combustion and transfer it to the outside air through... Read More »